Basic concepts of SEO

The basic concept of Search Engine Optimization is getting high traffic by natural means instead of paid results. It is one of the best and simple ways of internet marketing where the other marketing techniques include social media marketing, email marketing, referral marketing, content marketing, display advertising and affiliate marketing. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of the pages in searches by using keywords and other techniques that makes the pages top the search lists.

seoSubsequently, they will be visited by many and hence the traffic increases. This in turn increases the conversion rate of visitors to customers. The websites should be optimized such that they rank higher in all searches such as image search, video search, local search etc.

The most important consideration of search engine optimization is studying the nature of search engine rankings, what keywords land the sites on top of sites, demographics of people visiting the site and so on. You need to optimize, not only the pages of the sites using appropriate content but also the design of the sites by placing appropriate HTML tags and meta tags. Apart from writing content to pages, back linking is one more technique used in SEO.

Search engine optimizers are those who perform optimization of websites and make them achieve more traffic. What actually happens when you want your websites to be indexed is so simple. The site owners need to submit their pages to the search engines, which will then send a spider that crawls the webpage. The spider will then return all the information related to the pages for indexing.

The web page will be downloaded by the spider and the same will be stored in search engine’s server for indexing at some later times. It is during this process that the various back links, keywords are examined and ranked accordingly. The technique came into existence in the year 1997, but once Google was introduced, the entire scenario has changed.

Google was launched in the year 1998 and with its simplicity and performance, it is now the leading search engine and all web masters want their pages to top the Google searches. Other search engines that are popular are Bing, Yahoo etc. The search engines are now using various algorithms for indexing and ranking but none of them have released their algorithms. Hence, all search engine optimization techniques are based on approximation and are not entirely perfect.